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Security Intelligence Platforms

IT infrastructure can vary depending on a client’s software and objectives. We consult, design, implement and manage technologies that features SIEM.

Data Loss Prevention

IT administrators should enforce IT policies. Consider your current methods of locking down the network to restrict confidential data from being distributed.

IT Intrusion Detection Systems

IT intrusion detection systems grant security users and administrators with the visibility they need to monitor network activity and external threats.

Endpoint Protection

Digital devices can potentially create entry points for a variety of malicious threats that could disrupt your business operations and information.

Risk & Compliance

Our team of engineers can evaluate your business challenges and aspirations to determine which services would best accommodate your needs.

Cloud Solutions

We can assess your entire network, identify opportunities and implement modern technology solutions to thwart new threat.

NextGen & Web Application Firewall

NextGen and web application firewalls monitors the network and can be configured to enforce strict policies.

Managed Services

Comprehensive managed services can assist with the day-to-day operations of one or more of your technology domains. Our growing managed services…


Data Loss Prevention Specialist

GA Systems is a pioneer of infrastructure, data and application protection from on premise to cloud and managed security services. With our strength and understanding of large scale enterprise customers we offer robust, scalable and reliable solutions that assist in managing and securing your data without bloating your support budget.

Maximise your return on investment by embracing modern technologies and workplace trends. Our consultants offer data loss preventionstrategies, vendor product knowledge and IT security education services so that you can optimise your security practices, stop advanced threats, protect critical assets and safeguard the cloud and mobile devices.

Our methodology can be applied to any corporate IT infrastructure. To optimise your data protection we:

  • Identify the critical assets
  • Understand the security posture
  • Confirm areas of vulnerability
  • Develop and Align security policies
  • Recommend changes
  • Implement agreed changes
  • Provide ongoing support

Commitment to Service and Willingness to Work in Partnership with Customers.

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IT Solutions

We offer niche customised services as well as comprehensive service packages.

SIEM Benefits

Security Information Event Management (SIEM) assists the personnel who are tasked with building a secure enterprise with increased visibility. By identifying which security events pose the most significant business impact or risk, streamlining identification, this in-depth analysis will speed up the adoption of new use cases and rules continually strengthening your security operations.

Data Loss Prevention

Authentication tools and control platforms with policy settings that can be configured to your specific requirements. See what data leaves the network and gain visibility into how your sensitive information is being used. Secure your data on and off your network, empowering your users wherever they are.

IT Intrusion Detection Systems

Gain visibility into the network and stop constantly evolving threats before they impact your business. Protect business critical assets, such as networks, servers, endpoints and applications from malicious threats.

MDM & Endpoint Management

Overcome mobilephobia by maintaining excellent endpoint protection practices to protect corporate data on your mobile assets. Extend your security policies to your mobile workforce when they are off-network.

NextGen & Web Application Firewalls

Defend your web enabled business-critical assets and the leakage of data with technologies that do not compromise security and performance.

Integrated Security Software

Manage your digital environments with solutions that provide consolidated functionality.

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Thwart methodical cyber-attackers and maintain a secure network.

IT Security Education

Our certified instructors run training modules, phone support, onsite assessments and more.

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